Surjer Hashi Network

Who We Are

Surjer Hashi Network (SHN) has been operating a large number of clinics all over the country providing health and family planning services primarily to the low-income group and the ultra-poor people. The network’s mission is to deliver high quality and affordable health services to all. SHN is providing maternal and child healthcare primarily to the poor, the poorest of the poor (PoP) and the lower-middle income groups, who cannot afford quality health services from the private healthcare facilities. The network aims to continue bridging this gap.

Initiated in 1997 and funded by USAID, Surjer Hashi Clinics continued to serve the poor for about two decades through several NGOs, who managed the clinics until 2018. The clinics were later consolidated and registered as Surjer Hashi Network in 2018 as a not-for-profit company with a vision to provide health services to all Bangladeshis. The organization has an explicit mandate of achieving a double bottom line i.e. health impact by providing quality health services to the low-middle income group and meeting financial sustainability goals.

The network has been consistently making positive impacts in the areas of safe delivery, maternal and newborn care, vaccination and family planning, among other services. SHN is now a trusted name in the communities where its clinics are located.

Surjer Hashi clinics have been playing a critical role in the prevention of infectious diseases. The network has been supporting the government in the Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI), Vitamin A, Measles-Rubella campaigns and TB screening Program. Clinics offered extensive support to the government in managing Covid-19 vaccination programs during 2021-22.
Inclusivity remains at the core of what SHN does and therefore it has continued to ensure its presence in the economically less-advanced areas. SHN reaches out to the hard-to-reach areas through outreach facilities to achieve universal health coverage in line with the Sustainable Development Goal 3. SHN believes that it will expand its service to all Bangladeshis in the future.

SHN ensures that an appropriate governance structure is in place, reflected through its accountability, disclosure, transparency, justice, and uprightness; SHN stands for all these virtues of good governance.

To ensure transparency and fairness in the workplace, SHN’s activities are guided by standard policies in the areas of procurement, human resource and administration, finance and accounting, anti-trafficking, anti-sexual harassment, conflict of interest, code of conduct and clinic operation. SHN activities are managed by a highly dedicated and efficient management team, and governed by an expert voluntary Board of Directors, comprising public, development and the private sector experts, who are committed to advance the network further towards sustainability

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