Surjer Hashi Network

Pharmacy operations

Surjer Hashi Network procures medicines from reputed pharmaceuticals under strict central control and arranges to distribute the same to the clinics through local representatives of the pharmaceuticals. This has led to gaining a reputation among SHN clients for selling and dispensing quality medicines only.

SHN has 38 pharmacies housed inside the Advanced Clinics that originally meant to sell to the general public in addition to visiting clients and admitted patients. In-house positioning, however, blocked the visibility of the pharmacies from the public historically. The rest 96 clinics have dispensaries to sell only to visiting clients and admitted patients.

In the above context, SHN, having a network of 134 clinics in 54 districts, carry huge potentials to distribute quality and genuine medicines not only to visiting clients but also to the public who are being fooled with fake medicines by dishonest manufacturers and traders across the country. Taking this as a social responsibility, SHN has initiated the task of relocating its pharmacies outside the clinic buildings, where there is a scope, thereby creating access to quality medicines for the non-client general public.

Pharmaceutical drug adulteration is spreading in Bangladesh. An estimate published in a local reputed daily in 27 February 2022 suggested that the flow of fake medicines in the open market at any time could be around 2,500 crore taka. The consequential effect of that on human lives and suffering would be beyond any sum of money.