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Caption: Strong Customer Service and Our Pro-poor Mandate Have Built Loyalty Well Beyond the Communities We Serve

SHN clinics have garnered quite a loyal customer base. One such example is Mala, a 60-year-old widow, originally from Gandaria, who moved in with her daughter and her grandchildren in a village in the Barisal division, after her husband’s death. She originally came to know about SHN and their services when she fell ill last year while visiting her home village which is close to the Gandaria clinic. She was so impressed with the care she received, and particularly the staff's human touch that although she now lives in Kaunia, Barisal, Mala travels 23200 kilometers from Kaunia to Gandaria to receive routine family healthcare services from this clinic. Mala is categorized as a ‘poorest of the poor’ client, and thus does not have to pay for services received. One of SHNs objectives is to provide financial protection for the poor, and thus, equitable access to SHN services for people like Mala is ensured. Mala was deepy touched and grateful that clinic staffs treated her with dignity and offered her the same level of care as an ‘able to pay’ customer saying, “I love your service and the way I am being treated here. That’s the only reason I travel back to Gandaria clinic”. Though she lives at a great distance, every time Mala or any of her family members need healthcare services, they get on the water boat from Barisal and travel to receive services from SHN’s Gandaria clinic. SHN’s pro poor mandate and caring services are recognized in the communities it serves and people who choose SHN trust they will receive fair treatment regardless of their status.