Surjer Hashi Network (SHN)a healthcare social enterprise- just embarked on its challenging journey of transforming 134 networks of clinics, previously managed by more than 20 NGOs, into a centrally managed platform. SHN has a legacy in its footstep on healthcare services specially child and maternal reproduction and family planning programs. With this aim of reaching to provide affordable health facilities, SHN committed to increasing the market for all by attending to unmet needs and demand.

We believe healthcare needs are the most important for human beings every time. We are not just dreaming of a better country; we are trying to build a safe and healthier community. Working at Surjer Hashi Network is not like any other job. It is a platform where you can bring about real change for people who need it the most. We are working for the smiling faces of millions of people including mothers and children. As an SHN employee, you will join a team of professionals that is part of a social cause and advance the healthcare facility for all Bangladeshis through a strong Clinic network across the country. 

Working for SHN is Fun.

We are inclusive, and empowering every SHN employee. We are working in a team which always helps each other to grow. We are a value-driven organization - our four values (Integrity, Ownership, Collaboration, Excellence) shape how we work, it also allows excellence through innovation and center for excellence through learning from our mistakes.

Benefits We Offer