Message from The Chairman


It is a great pleasure to look back on the years of experience, successful development beginning with the establishment of Surjer Hashi Network (SHN) in 2018 and feel both proud and excited about the future. The network was established with a mission to provide quality health services to all Bangladeshis regardless of economic status or ability to pay. When SHN started, it inherited 369 clinics from the USAID supported NGO Health Service Delivery Project. A good portion of the clinics started the service delivery in 1997 when Bangladesh’s health structure was very different from what it is now. 

SHN has an explicit aim of achieving health impact by providing high quality health services while also meeting financial sustainability goals. SHN has been investing on improving quality of services and taking a patient centric approach to strengthening the network’s value proposition and commitment to the target population, particularly for the poor and the poorest of the poor.

As a growing healthcare provider, SHN aims to continue to innovate and keep its commitment to quality healthcare. SHN purposefully works on and prioritizes attracting highly motivated medical professionals that are willing to serve the unmet healthcare needs of the catchment population. SHN keeps on securing the required medical equipment and ensures that our diagnostic laboratories consistently meet the standards for reliable and effective treatment of our patients. The dedication of over 2000 clinic staff is a testament to SHN’s work environment that enables majority of them to continue to work for many years at a stretch in our clinics in their own communities.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our partners and stakeholders for their trust and wish them all the best.


Prof. Rubina Hamid

Chairman, SHN Board of Directors