Message from THE CEO


“I am excited to embark on a new journey with Surjer Hashi Network (SHN) – a health care social enterprise. As I have made visits to several SHN clinics in the recent past, I have felt proud deep inside to be a part of the ‘SHN way’ that delivers health services with care and in a friendly atmosphere.

By the time I have joined, SHN has strategically realigned its focus in the backdrop that the health system of Bangladesh has rather evolved in the rural areas than in the urban areas, and that rapid urbanization has been putting pressure on resources available for the health service delivery in the urban locations. These have led SHN and its technical partners in the Advancing Universal Health Coverage (AUHC) Project to focus more on meeting the rising healthcare demand among the urban low-to-middle income group by improving its urban footprint.

The journey will not be easy for the enterprise, having its multiple commitments to provide quality, give subsidy to the poor and still be financially sustainable. Thanks to the strong support of USAID, leadership of SHN’s governing body, the strengths, and skills of our employees at the Head Office and across the network of 134 clinics supported by our committed technical partners in the USAID’s AUHC project. These are all blessings in and around SHN not to make its journey too difficult either. By staying focused to our mission and by embracing our values of excellence, collaboration, integrity, and ownership, we are confident that one day SHN will be able to deliver high quality, affordable and customer-focused health services to all. As a leader, I commit to lay down an aspirational path with clear milestones that takes SHN to great heights and ensures continued success in the coming years.”

Shaila Purvin
Chief Executive Officer, SHN